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Everyone Needs A Helping Hand When Transitioning. Treat Yourself To Our Full-Service Program.

Step 1: Your Vision, Your Reality

Where You Are Going And How We Help You Get There
The first step is to size up your greatest asset: your home. How much money can you expect to get when you sell your home? What does this mean for your future options?

We provide you an expert home valuation so that you can move forward and make decisions based on real data.
What kind of place would you like to move to? Would a condo suit your active lifestyle? Maybe an active living community with the perks of medication oversight is what you need. Or perhaps the support of assisted living or a continuing care community is right for you or your partner.

Since there are so many options to choose from, we work with senior placement experts who know Bay Area senior communities inside and out. At no added cost, you get expert referrals to find the community that is right for you.

Sometimes children and parents can't agree, or partners envision different things. Whatever the cause, family disagreements could bring your home transition to a screeching halt.

That's why we bring in extra help. Facilitators and family coaches from a Bay Area-based neutral conflict resolution consultant can help you and your family members come together and solve problems in a safe and positive environment.

Step 2: Plan A Smooth Move

When Moving, It's Important to Lose the Junk and Treasure The Memories. We Can Help.
"Don't throw anything away!" is what we often hear from our estate sale experts. You'll be amazed at the prices a licensed and bonded professional can get for the treasures you leave behind.

At the same time, there is also a new reality in today's market about what has value. To make sure no treasure goes underestimated, a free estate appraisal is included with every Senior Transition Program.
When you're overwhelmed by the thought of moving, we recommend working with our trusted Senior Move Managers. They are experts in making senior moves simple and stress-free.
Once you know where you are going to live, our Senior Move Manager works with you to plan your new space. Together you will work on the layout of your new home to determine what furniture you'll be taking with you.
Your memories and stories matter. With each item, we'll mark what will go to the new home and what will go to the estate sale, consignment shop, charitable donations, or be given away.

All in your own time, without rush or stress.
Every move is different. Whether you will be moving before the home sale or need to stay in your home until it sells, together we'll create a plan of action that you feel comfortable with.

Step 3: Move Into Your New Home In One Day

A Fast, Stress-Free Move To Your New, Perfectly Furnished Space
On moving day, your professional move managers go with the movers, unpack every piece of furniture, and place each of your belongings in your new home according to the plan. Then they remove all the boxes and every trace of the move so that you can enjoy your new home from the very first day.
Don't worry about how you will deal with items you will leave behind. Your professional move managers will distribute each item according to the plan you've made together, leaving you free to enjoy your new home.
There's no reason to make moving a long, drawn-out process, which is why we have your movers orchestrate a same-day move. This means that, on the evening of the very first day, you will be sleeping in your own bed in your new, completely furnished home.

Step 4: Make Your Home Irresistible To Buyers

When you work with Baby Boomer Real Estate Lady℠ , you're never pushed to remodel your home before it goes on the market.

Instead, we'll discuss your preferences and the variety of options you have. Together we'll come up with a plan that you feel confident in.
We know how demanding it can be to upgrade and stage a home and get it ready for a successful sale. Although we don't act as a general contractor, we take that stress off your plate by being your one point of contact.

Whether you'd like us to work with your long-time handyman or bring in our own trusted professionals, we'll coordinate everything. That means no talking to any inspectors, contractors, or photographers if you don't want to.
Not everyone can move into a new home before their current home sells. If you need to wait for your home to sell before making the move, we can help smooth out the process.

We work with you to plan the upgrades, staging, and showing of your house at appropriate times. Whatever your situation, our personalized plan of action will ensure that you're comfortable throughout the process.

Step 5: Market And Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Baby Boomer Real Estate Lady℠ Gets You More Exposure Through Global Marketing
With huge numbers of Bay Area home buyers coming from overseas, local listing isn't enough in today's market.

Focusing on the big picture, our Global Property Specialists market your home in 17 different countriesin each country's native language. This leads to more offers, more competition, and a higher selling price for you.
Baby Boomer Real Estate Lady™ is a seasoned businesswoman and negotiator, with 25 years in Silicon Valley and international business sales.

Never underestimate the power of a good negotiator. We get you the best possible offers and negotiate the fine details so that more money ends up in your pocket every time.
We plan your smooth transition right from the start.

Whether you'll be staying in your home another month or you're ready to hand over the keys, we work out the details in advance so everyone looks forward to their new life.

Our Transition Program Is A Free Service For All Our Real Estate Clients

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Who Can Benefit From Help With Their Transition?

Have you been visiting active senior communities? Wondering what your options are? Not sure if you're ready to make a change?

When you start the journey with our Senior Transition Program, you ensure that you'll end up living the life you want, with less stress and more money in your pocket when it's over.
We all want to make sure our parents get the loving care they need while enjoying maximum comfort and independence.

There are more options for senior living than you may realize - our Senior Transition Program helps you and your loved ones find the best fit.
When you are arranging extra care for a partner or loved one, the last thing you want to worry about is selling the home.

We help you focus on what's important by taking the stress of the home sale off your plate and arranging for expert senior placement help. This way, you can focus on your loved one and the care they'll need going forward.

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The Senior Transition Program: Does It Cost Money?

What It Includes And Why We Don't Charge You A Dime
Whether or not you choose to use paid services like movers, architects, or family counselors, our services to you are at no extra charge.

We function as the administrative oversight of your senior transition, including being a liaison between you and any third party involved. The only payment we receive is the standard commission from the sale of your home.
The upgrades that you choose to make on your house are all up to you. We can help you set a limit and make sure the services you choose fall within your budget, but we are not affiliated financially with any of the third-party contractors or helpers we recommend.
As part of our work with you, we may suggest professional services that can help make your transition smoother and less stressful. You are never obligated to use these services and we will never pressure you to do so.

We don't receive any financial gain from the services you choose to use. That way, our only focus is on you and making your transition to a new home smooth, safe, and stress-free.

So, What's Stopping You From Embarking On YOUR Senior Transition?

Any Challenge Can Be Overcome With The Right Strategy And Tools
The Solution: Through Keller Williams' exclusive Deferred Sales Trust™ provider, you can sell your home and defer paying capital gains taxes indefinitely. That's right – instead of paying the IRS, you'll provide yourself and your heirs with an income stream.
The Solution: Our deferred-payment contractor will do the necessary work to get your house in great selling condition, and you won't be charged a dime until escrow closes. Upgrades can be done up-front and depending on your situation, at no cost until your home sells.
The Solution: Our Professional Move Managers take all the overwhelm out of downsizing. From helping you go through your belongings to supervising estate sales and donations, Professional Move Managers help you through an emotional and difficult process and into a life of new possibilities.
The Solution: Our Aging in Harmony partners help siblings and parents work together to resolve their differences. They've helped everyone from feuding heirs to well-meaning children and partners who just can't see eye-to-eye.

With the help of family coaches and facilitators, family members learn to solve problems and work in harmony in a safe and positive way.
The Solution: With our Senior Transition Program, we're your one point of contact with the "outside world." It's that simple.

Although we don't act as a general contractor, we schedule all the inspections, repairs, viewings, and appraisals that you desire – everything having to do with selling your home – so you don't have to.
We are honored to help you transition to your new home in a way that's comfortable, safe, and stress-free for everyone involved. We're here to help, even if you just want to ask us a few questions or for some advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions About Our Senior Transition Program? Find More Details Here.

There is no charge for the services we provide to you. We get paid a standard commission when you sell your home, just like other real estate agents. We just give you a lot more for your money.

If you hire a contractor, family coach, move manager, or other third-party service that we may recommend, you need to pay them for the work they do.

We know, it may seem incredible that we are offering these much-needed services for free. We find that providing services far above and beyond what you'll experience with other realtors is the best way to make sure you're happy and while helping to get the word out about what we offer.

Anyone is welcome to use these services, no matter your age. We are happy to customize our program to fit your unique needs.

That's fine! There's no need for you to sell your home right away. Call (650) 906-0640 or email and we can discuss your timeframe and unique needs. 

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