Palo Alto Seniors Real Estate Specialist

A Palo Alto Seniors Real Estate Specialist provides professional real estate consulting services for people age 50 and older.  Trust the Anita Gat Group for the support you need.

Real estate is tricky for people from all walks of life but it is particularly challenging for the senior citizens of our nation. They have a very different set of needs and challenges when it comes to matters of buying, selling, and relocating. 

It is in recognition of this demographic’s specific needs that the National Association of Realtors created the designation of Seniors Real Estate Specialists (SRES). 

These are real estate agents who have gone the extra mile and earned the SRES designation by doing the required course and passing the relevant exam. 

A designated SRES agent is specifically trained to manage the challenges faced by citizens over 50. This includes developing a network of related senior specialists- in fields such as trust and estate planning and tax counseling- to ensure delivery of the highest quality of service.

The Anita Gat Group has SRES certification and helps seniors in the Bay Area solve their real estate, probate and trust needs.  Read more about the services provided by the Anita Gat Group.

Services a SRES Provides

Palo Alto Seniors Real Estate Specialist is responsible for providing professional real estate consultation services to the fastest-growing and wealthiest segment of the population – those 50 and older.

If you are a senior dealing with real estate concerns, you should understand what services an SRES can provide.  

Here, we take a look at all services an SRES is qualified to offer:

  • Home Valuation and Market Analysis: Like all competent real estate agents, the SRES will be able to provide an accurate valuation of your property and will also offer you a clear picture of what the real estate market is currently like.
  • Real Estate Services: Once you have decided to sell your property, the SRES will provide you with all the typical real estate services such as marketing your home, expert navigation of negotiations, and sealing the deal on terms as favorable to you as possible.
  • Informing You of Senior Placement Options: For senior citizens who are selling and uncertain of their options, it can be overwhelming to figure out all the living arrangements possible and to find out what each of them offers. A Senior Real Estate Specialist will have extensive knowledge about all the senior placement options viable for you and he will have details of each option to help you make the most informed decision.
  • Facilitation and Family Coaching: Often, there is more than just the elderly citizen involved in the decision-making process. Their spouses, kids, or other carers are likely to play a key role in their decision-making for moving. The SRES understands this process, identifies the key characters, and works with all of them to facilitate the process of decision-making. If needed, he is capable of becoming the family coach, helping all key members to work together and agree on the decisions that need to be taken.
  • Appraisal Management: SRES helps with the appraisal management of your property, helping ensure that you get the best possible appraisal for your property.
  • Assistance with Moving: Once the deal is done and everything is finalized, the SRES will be actively involved in helping you move to your new place. Assistance with moving can also include helping you downsize for your smaller, new place and it can also involve educating you in detail about the senior care center you are moving to so the transition can be easier and smoother for you.
  • Professional Networking to Help You Relocate: A Senior Real Estate Specialist has an extensive network of relations with professionals relevant to the moving process. They can use this network they have- which can include relationships with estate and tax lawyers- to make the moving process easy, smooth, and efficient. The Senior Real Estate Specialists also know of the best movers and senior placement options in the area for you. What’s more, they are well-trained to spot any mortgage or loan scams targeting seniors and have comprehensive knowledge of reverse mortgaging and its implications for seniors. This means they are ideally placed to help you make the best financial decisions.

What To Look For In A Palo Alto Seniors Real Estate Specialist

The wide range of services the SRES offers might have convinced you to hire one for the job but how do you know who among the many candidates can get the job done. Here are some qualities to look for in an SRES:

  • Advice rather than sales: You want the SRES to be an individual who behaves less like a salesman and more like your teammate. A good SRES will always look out for your interests and advise you accordingly every step of the way. So, listen to what the SRES is claiming to offer you: Are they claiming they know your situation better than you (which is not a good sign) or are they asking what you need and what you hope to have in your new life? That sounds promising.
  • Builds relationships with clients: A good SRES is one who nurtures his relationship with their client. This allows them to more effectively customize his solution and to facilitate his customer’s transition. Ask your candidates’ clients what kind of a relationship they had and what their experience was like.
  • Supports the whole family: Ask your potential candidates who they deal with when working with a client. Those who say they support and work with all the relevant members of the family are the ones who have the right idea and are likely the more successful ones at their job

Why Choose Us

If you or an elderly loved one is moving and are looking for a Senior Real Estate Specialist to help you out, then here is why we should be the first ones you contact:

  • We have a team of qualified, passionate Senior Real Estate Specialists onboard, which means you and your needs will be in very safe, very capable hands.
  • If there is one thing that can add value to qualified, passionate individuals, it is experience. There is no substitute for practical experience in the field and we have plenty of it, which means we have dealt with all kinds of challenges and obstacles seniors can face. So, regardless of how complex you think your situation is, our team is more than capable of handling it with ease.
  • Professional networking is at the core of being able to deliver the best possible service to our clients…and our years in the market and our reputed team have meant we have been able to cultivate positive professional associations across the board that helps us deliver the best experience to you.
  • Our customers will stand by our claim of offering quality, customized service no matter how many you ask. You only need to look up our customer reviews and you will know that we deliver the exact experience we promise to.
  • We customize our approach, never treating two clients the same way. We offer our customers solutions that best meet their needs, requirements, and financial resources.
  • We are experts in probate and trusts.

It is essential that you seek the assistance of a professional when dealing with a property transaction. Property transactions can be complicated and they are full of pitfalls if you are not fully informed before entering into them. They can also be very costly if mistakes are made along the way. 

A seniors real estate specialist will be able to guide you through the whole process from beginning to end and make sure that everything runs smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can make your real estate transaction the best it can be.  We serve Palo Alto and all surrounding areas.