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senior transition program.

Senior Transition Program

With our full-service Senior Transition Program, we supervise your successful home sale and relocation from start to finish. You'll have one point of contact - a caring, patient expert to guide you every step of the way.

Capital Gains Tax Solution - Pay Yourself Instead Of The IRS

If high capital gains tax is stopping you you from selling your property, our exclusive access to a Deferred Sales Trust™ provider can help. This fully-legal, tax-compliant trust allows you to sell your home and not pay a dime in capital gains taxes.

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February 20, 2016: "To Move Or Not To Move: 5 Stress-free Steps for Successful Home Sale and Senior Transition"

Each month we give free seminars about issues that matter to boomers and seniors. Our expert guests share up-to-date tips and strategies on topics such as senior living, finance, and real estate. All over a free lunch.